Hiking is...

... perfect for relieving stress. 
The adrenaline and cortisone (stress hormones) levels are reduced while hiking in the mountains. This is the main reason why one feels so good after a hiking tour. 

... good for your Body.
Not as many calories are burned as for example when running, yet if you hike a bit faster and maybe even uphill the organism burns up to 600 calories an hour. 

... especially suitable for persons new to Sports.
You can’t go from zero to hero if you have been a true couch potato. Mountain hiking is a good sport for starting endurance training, because you can exercise in long stretches. 

... boosting for the immune system.
Regular exercise in the outdoors increases the immune system’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria. 

... good for the brain.
Regular exercise boosts concentration and the ability to learn new things. Reason: blood flow in the brain is increased and the performance-boosting oxygen levels rise. 

... perfect for the whole family.
Everyone can hike – from toddlers (also in baby carriers) to grandparents. This is not only collective fun, but also strengthens the sense of togetherness. 

... good for a healthy look.
The release of the human growth hormone is increased and the reproduction of cells is stimulated. This makes your muscles and skin smooth and well-trained also in an advanced age.

... good for the lungs
The lungs ability to saturate the blood with oxygen increases thanks to a mobilisation of alveole that are already there.

... unburdening the heart in resting phases.
A well-trained heart transports not only more blood and oxygen into the muscles – it also needs less beats in resting phases to pump the required amount of blood.

... muscle training.
Assuming that there is no prior damage, fast mountain hiking is also good for the muscles. Strain is reduced on joints, filaments and bands.

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