Mighty peaks, gentle meadows, alpine pastures, sun, water, eternal ice… Flowers shine in the valley, the white of the glaciers above – an experience!
There’s even more of that in summer: gorge, alpine pasture and circular hikes with certified mountain guides, autumn skiing, rafting on the Inn, ice safaris in the magnificent glacier world, rock and ice climbing, paragliding. Fascinating outdoor landscape…

Endurance, body awareness, concentration… Or shorter:

Climbing is fun! Whether for experienced or for beginners, the Pitztal leaves nothing to be desired with its multitude of possibilities!

The carefree package

Are you planning a summit tour? No problem we are happy to help!

We are happy to help you choose your hiking destination, your summit tour or an overnight stay in a hut. We know the best mountain guides, help to rent your equipment or put you in contact with our hut hosts. Whether it’s backpacks, thermoses or hiking poles, we’re happy to lend them out.

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& E-biking

Organic or with motor & battery. As you like it. The view pleases everyone in both ways.


The Pitztal offers diversity and intact nature. One place more beautiful than the other.

From alp
to Alm.

Of course, do not forget to stop for a bite to eat. The most beautiful thing about the alpine pasture hike.

Peaks as far as the eye can see

The view from above. Enjoy the view with pride in your own achievement. Wonderful.


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I indulge myself.

I am glad.


Biking in Pitztal means fun and enjoyment for the whole family and breathtaking alpine panorama of the extra class. Bike routes – from gentle meadow paths to alpine tours and action-packed bike trails are available for newcomers, children or top athletes, for classic mountain bikes as well as for e-bikes.

As a certified bike and mountain bike hotel, we offer free additional services for our guests:

  • We have three in-house e-bikes and a children’s trailer for rent.
  • The latest Pitztal Bike map material is always available at the reception.
  • For brought bikes there are parking spaces in the lockable garage. It’s not possible to do it completely without pedaling, but difficult climbs, long distances or headwinds only put a smile on your face thanks to e-mobility.
  • But if it was sweaty: Our laundry service and drying room for hiking boots or bike clothing make carefree!

The Pitztal Bike Route

Especially recommended: the route “Pitztal-Bike”. The tour leads from the valley entrance in Arzl to Mittelberg in the Innerpitztal. You will overcome 1,444 meters of altitude in about 4½ hours. Of course, the route is more comfortable in the opposite direction…

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In the Kirchenwirt hiking is a matter for the boss, already the great-grandfather was in 1903 the construction planner of today’s Kaunergrat hut, at 2817m altitude in the Ötztal Alps, the climb to the Kaunergrat hut is located a few meters opposite the Kirchenwirt.

Grandfather Johann was the first climber Puitkogel and Watzespitze in winter. So hiking and mountaineering have a long tradition here in the house, and Markus doesn’t miss it together with the guests to explore the surrounding mountains. As a local, he gives guests a very personal insight into his homeland, which has established itself as a challenging and popular hiking region since 1876, the opening of the Hotel Kirchenwirt.

The Pitztal itself offers you hiking at the highest level – recreation and enjoyment of nature without limits! In total, the hiker’s heart here in the Pitztal is over 380 km of trails for every level available. In addition, in the three hiking or skiing areas you will find comfortable uphill or downhill aids that are easy on the knees. Hiking in the Pitztal is a pleasure at any time of the year and the landscape and mountains of the Öztal Alps grant unique moments. We are very much looking forward to your visit!

For our guests the local mountain guide office offers free organized tours and guided hikes. In addition, tours can be booked with the Pitztal outdoor companies, we will be happy to advise you and support you in realizing your vacation wishes!


.. ideal to relieve stress.
When hiking in the mountains in a comfortable chatting atmosphere, the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisone are reduced. This is the main reason why you feel completely comfortable after a hiking tour.

… good for the figure.
Hiking does not burn as many calories as running, for example, but at a somewhat brisker pace, and uphill to boot, the organism burns up to 600 kcal in one hour of marching.

… especially suitable for beginners in sports.
From zero to a hundred certainly doesn’t work if you’ve been a real exercise slacker. Mountain walking is an optimal introduction to endurance training because long exercise sessions can be completed at this pace.

… strengthening for the immune system.
Regular exercise in the open air causes a strengthened defense mechanism against viruses and bacteria.

… healthy for the brain.
Regular exercise promotes concentration and the ability to learn. Reason: the brain is better supplied with blood, the performance-enhancing oxygen supply increases.

… suitable for the whole family.
Anyone can hike – from toddlers (some in baby carriers) to grandparents. And that is not only collective fun, but also strengthens the sense of togetherness.

… conducive to a healthy appearance.
The increased release of the growth hormone HGH boosts new cell production. This makes the muscles and skin appear firm and toned even in old age.

… restorative for the lungs
The ability of the lungs to saturate the blood with more oxygen increases – through an expanded mobilization of the alveoli already present.

… relieving for the heart in the resting phase.
A trained heart not only transports more blood and oxygen to the muscles through increased stroke volume – it also needs fewer beats at rest to pump the required amount of blood.

… Training for the muscles.
Provided that there is no damage yet, brisk mountain walking also strengthens the muscles. This relieves the joints, tendons and ligaments.


…for your vacation at a preferential price.


A selection of hiking routes…


…rest, relax and spend the night



From Eggenstall along the moderately steep farm track up to the beautiful Neubergalm. From there, a shady trail leads through the mixed forest to the beautifully situated Tiefentalalm. Now continue to the right, following the footpath, to the farm track to the Arzler Alm. The descent is either along the farm road or via the forest path to Scheibe. On the left along the Pitze you can easily reach Eggenstall in 30 min.

Walking time: 5 – 6 h

Difficulty: medium

From Plangeross we walk on a good but steep trail up to the Rüsselsheimer Hütte (2,328 m). From there the trail continues to the viewpoint Gahwinden (2,648 m). On the same way back to the starting point.

Walking time: 5 hours (condition required)


From Zaunhof we go along the farm road (partly on a somewhat steeper trail) up to the Ludwigsburger Hütte. Descent via the Wintersteig to Zaunhof.

Walking time: 3,5 hours

Difficulty: easy/medium

Mountain ride Hochzeiger gondola. From the middle station we hike towards the Kalbenalm and further down through the Oberlangtal to the Leiner Alm. From there it’s back to the valley station on a forest trail.

Walking time: 3,5 – 4 hours

Difficulty: easy


From the hamlet of Wiesle we hike on a forest path up to the beautifully situated Strassberg Alpe. After a hearty snack (not included), you’ll take a steeper trail down to Graslehn and back to Wiesle.

Walking time: 4 hours

Difficulty: easy / medium


In the rear Pitztal valley, the five alpine pastures – Arzler Alm, Tiefental Alm, Neuberg Alm, Mauchele Alm and Söllberg Alm – are lined up at an altitude of about 1,800 meters. Each alp is accessible by a forest road from the valley. The Pitztaler Almenweg connects these 5 idyllically situated alpine pastures with each other.

Walking time: approx. 5.5 hours

Difficulty: medium

From Plangeroß you go over the Pitze past the Lußbach waterfall up to the Plangeroßalm and further along the Lußbach and over a side moraine to the trail junction at Karlesegg. From here you hike to bez. Path within sight of the Plangeroßferner to the Kaunergrat hut and after a good stop from here another 0.75 hours in the direction of Schwabenkopf on the 3,053 m high elevation of the Plangeroßkopf, equipped with a summit cross, from where you have a beautiful view of the surrounding wild Kaunergrat mountains.It goes on the same way back to the valley.

Total walking time: 6.5 hrs (fitness required).

Difficulty: medium (condition required).

As a variant, after an overnight stay in a hut, the descent via the so-called Steinbockjoch to the Mittelberglessee lake in Trenkwald is an option.



Mandarfen – ascent by gondola – Rifflsee – Fuldaer Höhenweg (with a view of the Wildspitze) to the Taschachhaus (2,430 m) – through the Taschachtal valley back to Mandarfen.

Walking time: approx. 6 hours
Difficulty: medium

Riegetal – Gemeindekopf – Ludwigsburger Hut

Take the Hochzeiger gondola to the middle station. From there over the Zollberg into the Riegetal to the Groaßsee. Continue up to the Gemeindekopf (wonderful view into the rear Pitztal valley). Descent down to the Ludwigsburger hut and by cab (not included) to Jerzens.

Walking time: approx. 6 hours
Difficulty: medium

Pitztal Glacier to Braunschweiger Hut

Ascent with the Pitzexpress to the Pitztal Glacier. Mountain ride with the Pitz-Panoramabahn to the rear Brunnenkogel (Austria’s highest mountain station). Descent with the panoramic cable car. Then it’s over the Mittelbergferner (glacier crossing) to the Braunschweiger Hut and over a steeper climb down to Mittelberg.

Walking time: approx. 5 hours
Difficulty: medium

High altitude hike over the Venet

From Wenns by cab (not included) to Zams – ascent with the Venet cable car to Krahberg (2,208 m) – ascent to Venetberg (2,512 m) – via Pillerkreuz to Kreuzjoch – descent past the Galflun Hut to Wenns (1,000 m).

Walking time: 5 hours
Difficulty: medium



From Rehwald you take a forest path to the Mauchele Alm – continue on a somewhat steeper trail to the Brechsee – return via the Söllberg Alm down to Rehwald.

Walking time: 4 hours
Difficulty: medium

Mountain tour to Stallkogel

From Rehwald we hike on a forest path to the Mauchele Alm. Continue over the Karbach up to the summit of the Stallkogel (one of the most beautiful view mountains of the Pitztal). The way back is via the Mauchelekar to Rehwald.

Walking time: 5 hours
Difficulty: medium

Mountain tour to the Hohe Aifenspitze

From Gachenblick (1,550 m) past the Harbewei pond to the Aifner Alm. On a good, somewhat steeper trail, we climb up to the Kleine Aifenspitze and continue along the ridge to the Hohe Aifenspitze (2,779 m). Take the same path back to the starting point.

Walking time: approx. 6 hours (surefootedness required)
Difficulty: medium / heavy

Around the Rappenkopf

From Piösmes (1.400 m) we hike up to the Arzler Alm. From there we continue to the summit of the Rappenkopf (2,300 m). The descent is through the “marshes” to Piösmes.

Walking time: 5 hours
Difficulty: medium



ur alpine pastures, huts and snack stations look forward to your visit! You will be served the best delicacies and refreshments and can experience Tyrolean hospitality and joie de vivre up close.

Pitztal alpine pastures and hut hikes directly from the house:

As a starting point for hikes and summit tours the Kirchenwirt is ideally located”.

Ruesselsheimer hut at 2323 meters altitude:

Start is the nature park square on the Pitztal road at the beginning of Plangeroß about 3 minutes from the hotel. A gate to the cow pasture on which Peter lets his 3 cows and 2 calves graze is the entrance to the ascent.First follow some hairpin bends, then it goes parallel to the Kitzlesbach. The next part of the trail leads through a wooded area, followed by open terrain. After you have crossed a small bridge, you have done half of the way! Now it goes again a few switchbacks further uphill to the hut. Tip: Ibex goulash!

Walking time: 1:30 h

Altitude meters: 725 m

Kaunergrat hut at 2817 meters altitude:

The entrance to the trail to the Kaunergrat hut is opposite Plangeroß, as orientation serves the

Waterfall opposite the village. The Kaunergrat hut is the highest hut in the Pitztal and is located on the “Kaunergrat variant” of the long-distance hiking trail E5 and the Via Alpina.

The Kaunergrat hut is located at 2817m altitude in the Ötztal Alps. The ascent is on Plangeroß , the first part is a wider farm road, then it goes on a path through the forest and later above the tree line over the stream, the path runs next to the waterfall and is very charming.

After about an hour you reach the Plangeroßer Alm, where the Pitztal cattle have their summer residence and can fill their bellies with the good herbs of the Alps. Tip Apefstrudel!

From here it goes over scree to the quite steep last climb to the hut.

Walking time: 3 h

Altitude meters: 1200m

The Taschachhaus at 2434 meters altitude:

can be reached on the Fuldaer Höhenweg trail from Rifflsee. Here you can enjoy the sun, watch marmots, sometimes you meet the bearded vulture and of course the grazing cattle in the Taschach valley. The Fuldaer Höhenweg is very easy except for a small climb right at the end of the trail because you hardly have to overcome any elevation gain. The Taschachhaus is very modern and well equipped, it offers many training opportunities for mountain rescuers and DAV members, even a own climbing gym.

Taschachalm: The cozy tour, opposite the house on the Pitze goes about 35 min on a flat path to Mandarfen to the Riffelseebahn. Here we cross the Pitze and the path to the Taschachalm begins, on a farm road it goes again about 30 few meters uphill.

The Taschachalm has its own alpine dairy where the milk of the Pitztal cows that graze in the Taschach valley is processed into cheese, butter and yogurt. The food is very good, the cottage beautifully maintained and the location just beautiful. Who wants can climb from here to the Rifflsee at 2232 m or climb through the Taschachtal to the Taschachhaus (The tour to the Taschachhaus takes a long time, please start early enough)