Chefs Table

The highlight: The Chefs Table, here the chef invites you to fine dining at his table, a culinary experience with seasonal and regional menus such as “game and forest” with wine accompaniment, traditional farmer’s evening or fish from local waters such as pikeperch, trout or char.

Slowly it’s time to take things a little easier, after many years in the kitchen, working passionately every day for the good of the guests, Markus will finally take it a little easier. But since cooking is his great passion since his apprenticeship, he does not want to leave it completely- Now there is only what he wants to cook, his favorite dishes and recipes, the very good for special evenings, together with you,

looked into the cooking pot with stories from years of hotel everyday life, anecdotes and a lot of Schmäh-A special culinary and personal experience….

Psst: Only with pre-registration, limited places…